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Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

 Business Quick Tips April 2009 Vol 5 No# 42

1. Are you a leader or follower?



2. What people really want


Computer tips: removing duplicates in Excel; control is the key

4. Can you name the new book?

5. Travel Schedule

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 1. Are you a leader or follower?

Tap here for the video brochure

You know the Internet has made marketing more visual. Consider this. The Britians Got Talent singer Susan Boyle got over 100 million views of her Idol song, 20 million viewed Obama’s inaugural speech, most TV commercials are put on YouTube and much more – does a paper brochure still stand the test of time?

I made the move this week, putting a video brochure on the website, on my blog, on Linked In as well as on YouTube which hosts the video (and foots the bill for the bandwidth required from viewing it). However, doing a straight video is not enough. If you look at any other speakers video, it’s the same old boring little person on the stage, a male voice over, thunderous applause – all about them. I did something very different. If you’re curious, have a look because it leads into the next article on using humour to be more successful.

Get to the video via the image at right (no graphic showing?) or see the unique way it displays on the website.

By the way, if you like it (or don’t) let me know please Video feedback


2. What people really want

I guarantee that if you add a bit of humour into a presentation. a report, memo or conversation, it will make you more memorable and persuasive. In this modern age of information overload, instant gratification and Twitter, humour works wonders.

Humor to fit your persona.

If you are not naturally funny, you’ll crumble at the thought of adding it. I’ve read umpteen books on the how-to but as my daughter Samantha said in an exasperated breath (as I stopped to look through yet one more book) “What’s the point mom”?
You can know the various ways that books tell you how you can be more funny or write funny lines, but if it’s not naturally in your personality, the how-to won’t put ideas in your head. Here are a few tips on how even the most serious can get that smile. Easy Humor Adds

Funny graphics. Laughing at yourself works, poking fun at your oddities or shortcomings. Highlight the things your kids tease you about. Another area to exploit is problems in common with your listening or audience. Throw in something (unexpected) about the partner, pets, teens….

I used to show a picture of our six children, then launch in straight to the business point of not treating customers the same. Now I ask first “why did I show you this picture” After a pregnant pause I answer my question with “To make you feel real sorry for me.” Instant laughter. Then I launch into the business point. This builds empathy, but does not detract from the business message about to come.

When giving examples, work in threes. Have the third one unexpected and funny. For example “Have you ever heard something life changing? Will you marry me, the job is yours. Shoes, 50% off”. This last line is good when there are a lot of females in the audience.

Google Images are great for humor

Unexpected funny graphics are an easy way to add a laugh. Go directly to Google images You can hone your search by content and image size. When you find the image you want, don’t select it from the thumbnails you see. Click to go to the original source where you’ll get the proper image itself (vs. the Google small thumbnail).

Adding the word cartoon to your search in images will give you exactly that – only the cartoons.

Tip: Larger sized images are better for print and presentations.


 3. Two great computer tips

Removing duplicates in Excel

One of the great pains of a dbase in Excel is getting rid of doubles. It can take hours and hours – or if you watch this video it’s one click (Excel 2007; or just a few more in Excel 2003 and prior)

Control is the key

Did you know that simply by holding down the control key you can click and select from different parts of a document, file, worksheet and make changes to them all at once? Have a look.


By the way, This link will take you to 26 Hewlett Packard Videos (as well as Chinese and Korean versions).



 4. Can you help name a new book?I’m 7/10ths thought completing the manuscript for a new d atabase m arketing book. The first half is strategy. The second is screen shot computer tips on how to automate the cleaning, fixing, adding and merging of your customer information for use.

Help me come up with a great title – Please!!!! I’m hopeless.

Superb Tips and Tricks For Managing Your Customer Information.

The person that comes up with a great title will get five copies of the book upon printing by Penguin.

name Debbie’s book

 5.Debbie’s travels Would you like to meet? Do you require staff training or have a networking event? Look below for when I’m in your area.

Simply contact me now by email or fill in the speaking quote form The topic and presentation page has been updated for 2009 if you ‘re interested. Topic page on the website

Date City
6-7 August Perth Australia
30-31 July Sydney Australia
23-24 July Melbourne Australia
16-17 July Brisbane Australia
9-10 July Adelaide Australia
29-30 May Alice Springs Australia
20-21 May Auckland New Zealand
19 May Queenstown New Zealand
11 May Rotorua New Zealand

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Business Quick Tips February 2009 Vol 5 No #40

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

Business Quick Tips February 2009 Vol 5 No# 40

1. Fluff Walks. $ Talks.

2. Extra Value WWD

3. How To Stop Redundancies From Killing Your Email List

4. HP Online Learning Centre.

1. $ Talks. Fluff Walks

Enhance and refocus your marketing and sales efforts by putting a dollar value on how your customer will benefit. Show them their rate of return.

This exercise is easier than you think. Will it save them time? Value it by estimating the time it will save per annum multiplied by the value of that person’s time (their wage per hour, salary). You can reduce stress? Does that lead to happier employees which helps reduce turnover? You can quantify the recruitment costs saved along with the productivity continuum.

Help them make more sales or increase turnover?  Take the average value of one sale (you can even factor in the life time value of that one new client) multiplied by the number of new ones expected.

You can get the base information any number of ways. Research on the Internet. Their Competitors. Annual reports. Talk to HR professionals about salary levels. Colleagues in that industry. Allies within that company.

Read entire article Diamond Marketing on a Pauper Spend on my new Time & Money blog

2. Extra Value WWD

What’s WWD? Working with Debbie. Please let me tell you about three new added value benefits.

If you want to improve the business performance or time management of your staff or sales team, or you’re planning a conference this year – allow me to give you a quote. You’ll get a motivating, entertaining, yet practical how to session on how to make significant improvement in business turnover or productivity from minimum effort or cost. It’s by helping to better understand and use the tools you have – database, email, mobile phone, Internet.

Areas we can focus on for example:

– Where and how to find new business

– Improve customer relationships and service

– Get better results from the Internet

– Boost time management, conquer email overload

The three extra value adds?

In addition to the research I conduct beforehand; this year you’ll get

  1. One year follow up consulting for all conference attendees or staff trained.
  2. Complimentary membership for all attendees in my IIY program – hundreds of one minute video lessons, educational articles and quick tips to use with copyright permission.
  3. All new clients; or referrers resulting in a training / speaking engagement will receive one of the best ever business tools – A business card scanner, four hundred dollar value- take a look

Shoot through an email for a quote – or here’s my formal quote page

3. How To Stop Redundancies From Killing Your Email List

With so many redundancies, you’re going to lose a chunk of your email list. Here are three ideas to help you.

  1. Have your newsletter sign up request on every webpage, every piece of marketing material – even your business card.
  2. Have two email addresses on your sign up form. Primary and secondary. With the rate of downsizing – you’re going to lose a lot of subscribers.
  3. If your unsubscribes are automatically removed, if possible take it over and do them manually. You’ll keep a closer watch on your list and be able to follow up personally on VIP’s that are now mail delivery errors.

4. HP Online Learning Centre

If you have the time, HP has 16 courses online from Laptop PC troubleshooting through to Search Marketing Fundamentals. You simply sign in to use them.

HP Online Courses

the last Issue of Business Quick Tips

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