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Gmail - top tips to work faster
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Winning Presentations, Proposals, PowerPoints
DIY Google and Microsoft Cloud - Drives, Maps, Top Search Ranking
Excel Fabulous secrets to save time managing databases and lists
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Motivational Speaker for Sales, Time Management, Customer Service, Email Overload, Productivity Training.

motivational speakers Australia New Zealand business productivity sales social media If you want significant improvements in business performance from minimum effort or cost, you must get Debbie Mayo-Smith now.

From New York to Borneo, Perth to London, she's one of the most sought after inspirational, motivational, practical results oriented 'How-to' speakers.

Your staff / delegates will be motivated by Debbie's unique ability to bring technology alive by showing easy, practical examples of how to better use the ingredients they have at their fingertips.

Areas of business improvement Debbie can help you with

Areas of business improvement Debbie can help you with

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How Can We Help You?

12 Added Value Benefits Of Engaging Debbie Mayo-Smith

    International motivational speaker Debbie Mayo-Smith in Auckland.

    International motivational speaker Debbie Mayo-Smith in Auckland.

  1. Superb Return On Investment
    If only a few of Debbie's ideas are implemented, each person can free up at least two working weeks a year. Turnover will increase dramatically from new business and reduced operating costs.
  2. CSP (Certified Speaking Professional)
    has passed a rigorous screening process so you get proven achievement in eloquence, expertise and experience. She is one of only four CSP's in NZ, and less that 7% of Australian speakers are CSP's.
  3. Your Staff (and Clients) Will Love You
    For bringing Debbie to them. She's practical yet entertaining and funny.
  4. No#1 Best Selling Author
    Of Eight 'How-To' Business Books
  5. In-Depth Research
    You deserve the best possible presentation. So Debbie does detailed fact finding, interviews, visits. She'll review your software and technology, looking for features everyone can benefit from.
  6. Customised Presentation
    Only after the research will Debbie craft the presentation from your perspective, focusing on specific problems.
  7. Use What They Have Better
    Debbie makes your everyday tools - computer, cell phones, the internet come alive with business building time saving benefits that excite and motivate your group.
  8. Free Online Survey Of Attendees
    Used to help customise Debbie's work. You can add any questions you like and you'll also receive an Executive Summary Report along with an Excel Spreadsheet of all responses.
  9. Free One Year Consultation To Staff Attending Conference
    Debbie is available by phone or email to answer any questions, solve problems and run ideas by for a 12 month period after the presentation. It's also proactive with Debbie contacting them on a regular basis.
  10. Mother of six including twins and triplets, you can certainly call Debbie  the Time Management and Productivity Queen!

    Mother of six including twins and triplets, you can certainly call Debbie the Time Management and Productivity Queen!

  11. Proactive
    Debbie will also contact all attendees that have given her their email address for quarterly communiqués to ensure they're implementing the ideas from the presentation
  12. Free Annual Membership To Subscription Site
    For a one year period, all conference attendees have access to over 150 one minute quick tip video tutorials on using MS Office cleverly plus 300 educational articles and quick tips.
  13. Free Continuing Education
    Each participant will receive a free subscription to her monthly business quick tip newsletter so the learning continues indefinitely!

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You'll always have great return on investment with Debbie's time management, productivity and database marketing presentations.
Read the queen of productivity article.

Recent Comments on Debbie as a Motivational Speaker

Des Flynn; G.M. Strategic Business Development
Life Pharmacy Group of Companies
"Debbie understands the need for her audience to take away from her address tangible things that they can easily implement at their work place to immediately make that difference. Debbie put in a huge effort to research her topic to make it absolutely relevant to her audience. This included in-depth fact finding with our point of sale software provider to understand the software capability to provide customer recognition; interviewing, by phone, several of our suppliers and store managers; visiting five of our pharmacies to better understand how they operate.

Debbie's topic was therefore relevant to, and interactive with her audience, and added significant value in laying the foundations, relating to how to work smarter and be more time efficient, resulting in improved business decisions. This was delivered in a very entertaining and witty way which captured the hearts and minds of the audience.

The resulting positive feedback that we have had relating to Debbie's address is a credit to her ability to stir up passion in her audience."
Carmela Follacchio; Communications Co-ordinator; HICAPS Pty Ltd  29 July, 2008
"Debbie was HICAPS 2008 speaker at our five national client seminars presenting -"Successful in marketing your practice in today's wired world". Not only did we have a record breaking number of clients rsvping and attending, Debbie's overall average approval and session rating was over 90%.  A very pleasing accomplishment considering many of our customers are not computerised and the subject matter was technology.

Debbie conducted quite a bit of research first into the software systems are suppliers have on offer, then calling and visiting a sampling of clients to gain more insight into their problems and successes. Audience comments such as "Debbie Mayo-Smith was very engaging.. I enjoyed the research and preparation she put in"; "succinct and very practical information" reflected that balance was right for the presentation.

From assisting with the marketing of this event through to her cheerful demeanour made this years program a pleasure and success."

Anthony (Ted) Gill; Director; Canopy Group
"Debbie Mayo-Smith was a platform speaker and ran workshops at our bi-ennial insurance industry professional conference. Debbie gave an outstanding main platform talk.  She is a very warm and personable presenter who relates well to her audience, bringing fresh and often funny anecdotes to what can be, especially for those baby boomers who are technologically challenged, a daunting subject.   Debbie has the ability to impart her knowledge in a clear and memorable style, her presentation is well thought out and executed, she manages to humanise marketing via the internet and the benefits that can accrue have never been more succinctly and cheerfully presented.   

Debbie is interesting, fun and motivating.  She has a great attitude to life and is a gifted speaker. "  

Sally Beets; JR Courtney
"It was good to see Debbie invited back again to keynote at the Australasian Rotational Molding Conference in Queenstown this July. She always brings a bright spot to the proceedings with informative yet entertaining examples of how we can save time. It's a real eye opener how she shows by just making small changes to the way we use our software we can have significant improvements in our productivity."

Jocelyn Martin; Executive Personal Assistant; Financial Planning Services Australia Pty Ltd
It is with pleasure we offer our testimonial in relation to Debbie's presentation to our  National Conference, held in Alice Springs in September. 

Debbie researched our group by way of an online survey prior to the conference, then integrated this information into a customised presentation. 

Her generosity, not only time spent with our representatives outside of the presentation, but the provision of material to take away was an added bonus. 

The evaluation from our representatives on this presentation was nothing short of "fantastic". 

Debbie kept us entertained and enthralled for 90 minutes and what was amazing is that with only 24 hours of contact with our representatives, she referred to them by their first names during the presentation - a very personal touch. 

We highly recommend Debbie as her professionalism and knowledge guarantees any future presentation to be met with continued success. 

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Andrew Gardner; Investors Edge

"Get on her email list mate! She sends brilliant tips every month. It’s the one newsletter I love to get!"

Arthur; Perth Australia
"By the way, I’m a businessman and  I really like your books. I first came across your book “Marketing in today’s wired world” in Auckland airport last month and have been reading it avidly ever since. What I like is that they are simple to read and easy to understand and that means that I don’t mind reading them (haven’t wasted my money), saves me time (i.e. you put things within my limited electronic grasp without giving me a headache!) and I believe your material is excellent value for money. Also, very impressed with your service. Looking forward to reading the next lot!"

Simon Dallow; TV Presenter
“Debbie is a motivational whirlwind, with great strategies to make the most of your life. No surprise Debbie is called the Queen of Productivity.”

Russell Good; Managing Director; Goodlife Ins.Brokers
“I would be a millionaire if I heard you years ago”

Gary Young; Chief Executive; IBANZ Inc
“You have come out tops in our survey of delegates at our conference rating as the best workshop presenter. No doubt your enthusiasm and great subject knowledge give your seminars that edge to make them stand out for delegates.”

Darryl Hawke; Managing Director; Rivers Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
“Your presentation was the best 2½ hours of training I have done in 20 years. I could have added a week to my life alone over this period had I just known one of your tips!”

Will Allan; conference attendee
“Debbie, I heard you speak in Christchurch nearly two years ago. It was a life changing experience that really got me motivated to do the best I could in my job. Your seminar inspired, enlightened and motivated me.”