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Vol 16 No#137 20 July 2017

1. Correcting Database Mixed Upper/Lower & Webinar
Collect data online? You'll know the pain of people responding in both upper and lower case. Solve this problem in Excel with the function Proper. This will capitalise the first letter of each 'word'.

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2. Productivity Tip - David Allen’s Two Minute Rule
Why not try David Allen’s simple two minute rule? When a new task comes up and it’s something that can be done in less than two minutes, do it right away. This simple rule can greatly increase your productivity as it keeps little things off your to-do list (and doesnt take much time to complete the task).

3. Return To Webpages Quickly
If you go back to a website/page often, why not bookmark it? The quick way is grab the url and drag it down to your book mark tab. Release. You can rename it or leave the icon.

4. Outlook Tip - Manage your inbox size.
Search folders (virtual folders for re-arranging or finding certain emails) live under your Outbox. One of the preset folders built in is Large Mail (under the Organise Category). Once clicked it will show you all your emails from every folder (including deleted and sent) separated into size categories. The largest is Enormous and holds files over 5 megabytes. You can delete emails here (delete twice as the email first goes into deleted items, then you need to permanently delete it). What a swift way to downsize and release mailbox space.

5. Gmail Tip - Colour Your Labels
You probably are using Labels in Gmail - which act as folders. You can create one by clicking the email you're in and selecting the Label Tab on the menu. You might not know that you can color the labels - which flows through to the emails themselves. Simply click the little square box at the end of the label in the Inbox navigation pane on the left. A list of colours will appear that you can select from

4 Top Tips for Taking Great Smartphone Travel Photos

1. Follow the “Rule of Thirds”.
 Often our natural inclination is to place what we are shooting in the centre of the frame. Rather it is often more appealing and interesting to have the subject off centre. Most smartphone or tablets will let you switch on a grid that divides the screen into thirds to help you.
2. Frame your subject. By using things such as door frames, overhanging trees, arches or other shapes to frame your subject it makes more interesting pictures and draws the viewer’s eye to what you want to feature and get them to focus on (this works especially well with landscapes where there is not a lot of detail to make the image more engaging).
3. Use leading lines to lead the viewer’s eye. Look for lines that will drive the viewer towards a focal point of the subject. This includes stairs, lines, roads or shapes.
4. Foreground, middle ground and distance makes for more interesting landscapes. Ever feel like your photos just do not represent your beautiful surroundings? Yup me too. Sadly, landscapes can make dull photographs. Here the secret is to compose the picture so there is something of interest in the front, middle and distance e.g it can be a fence in the front, a line of trees in the middle and then mountains or cloud filled sky in the distance. Look for an angle that builds in elements at each of these three areas. It will tell more of a story and make for more interesting pictures.

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