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Vol 16 No#143  13 December 2017

Last Call: How To Be More Memorable & Persuasive Webinar

Tuesday 5th of December at 11am (NZ DST)

Would you like to:

  • Communicate your points more persuasively?
  • Write reports, emails, proposals, presentations that convince?
  • Learn professional design secrets and time saving preparation tips?

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Database Tip

It's such a pity. I find most all businesses I survey for my speaking engagements don't keep a database. So how can they market? All is not lost I suggest. Their accounting programs have client data. For example in xero you can group your customers (categorise them) and also create smart lists (who bought what, when; last time purchased etc). These can be exported so you can do personalised email merge using MS Office or your email distribution service. You can also keep prospect information from quotes you did.

Communication Tip: Get A Better Response.

Ask straightforward questions that cover one topic at a time. When you ask a two-part question, people tend to either answer the second part only or only the part they were interested in or felt safe with. Ask one question at a time!

Three New Training / Conference Topics For 2018

How to Win More Business. Find More Clients
A stunning session filled with awesome ways and means to deepen relationships; be much more persuasive in your conversations with prospects / clients and significantly improve written proposals, marketing material, case studies and websites. Email Debbie for more information

Smarter. Faster. Cheaper. Better. 2018 & Beyond
Customised to your industry and business, learn how to use the free and easy (freasy) secret diamonds available on the Internet today to improve every aspect of staff and business performance. Lower costs; remove lags and delays. Significantly free up time, improve income and communication. Email Debbie for more information

Ease Their Pain of Email. Enhance Your Gain
Top athletes always say it’s 99% preparation. 1% performance. How much preparation is your staff equipped with to work with email? The program they spend the most time in and their no#1 communication tool. Most staff have no training; the young have been acquainted only with webmail. They’ll learn (from the woman who wrote four books on the subject how to free up at the very least two working weeks a year and become a master of communication, customer service, follow up and response. Email Debbie for more information

How to Make YouTube Useful Inside Your Business

You normally think of YouTube for entertainment, sales, marketing videos. But what about internal use?  YouTube can be remarkably useful for so many areas of a business. Sales, Human Resources, IT, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance.  Videos don’t have to be made public and why not let Google pay for the hosting/bandwidth and simple editing software tools?

Use it for: training; how-to; procedures; software tips; executive messages; demos; role playing; induction? This is just a beginning top of mind list. 
When you upload the videos, the can be set as:

  • Private - only people you designate can view (maximum 50) (logging in by email address)
  • Unlisted. Anyone you give the link to can view.

A primary benefit is the simplicity of uploading videos - via computer or your smartphone.  You can create a company channel or department channels, customising it with your company branding, logos, colours.  Alternatively have one company channel and aategorise yourcontent into playlistsIf you plan on producing more than a few videos or for different departments.

Finally, you can gain insights from the Creator Studio Dashboard. Video views, comments, likes and watch times. To get to it, sign into YouTube, click on your channel icon in the top right and select Creator Studio > Dashboard

Email Debbie if you'd like a speaking or training quote.

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