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Your Business Quick Tip Alert from Debbie Mayo-Smith
Vol 16 No#130 9 March 2017

Four Great Quick Tips

1. Do you use Gmail? If your answer is yes, here's a great tip. Shift + / will open up a keyboard shortcut menu.

2. Have a Samsung Galaxy (or know someone who does)?
Here's two great great tricks.

  1. Swipe the side of your hand over the screen and you'll capture a screen shot.
  2. Use voice commands to take a photo/video. Open the camera>click the gear>click the three dots>Select Voice Control. To take photos: say either smile, cheese, capture or Shoot. Say ''record videos'' to do just that.

3. Create A Great Customer Experience
Let customers know when you’re away

If you run your own business, or you’re one of a few staff, how will customers know when you’re away or unavailable? Large companies have servers that automatically answer incoming emails with an out of office message for staff on leave. You can solve this problem if you don’t have such a server.

• If your computer will be receiving emails while you’re away, create a rule to respond to incoming emails with a template you create.
• Alternatively create a rule on your ISP webmail account (or Gmail/Outlook.com) that sends the automatic reply to incoming emails. Have the rule set only for incoming emails when your name is in the To field.

This is one of the 101 Quick Tips from Create A Great Customer Experience ebook. Have a look here. Ebook $10.

4. When LinkedIn makes it easy for you – should you do it? Recently LinkedIn told my connections that I had a work anniversary and they should congratulate me. About 96 of my 6500+ connections did. In those 90 emails, what I saw almost unanimously was LinkedIn’s templated ‘congrats on your work anniversary’.

– OMG LinkedIn!!!! Congrats? Awful and completely informal word(?). Does LinkedIn think we are all under 25? If LinkedIn is for business; shouldn’t they use the proper congratulations at the very least?

, Pushing a button to send a message requires no thought or effort.

If you’re going to congratulate someone – make it stand out by customizing. With 96 (and counting) congrats in my Outlook and LinkedIn inboxes – is anyone going to stand out? Am I even going to bother reading number 37 if 1-36 were templated?
My opinion; when you next are notified by LinkedIn that it’s someone’s work anniversary – either write a custom one or simply ignore it. What do you think?

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