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Vol 17 No#147  - 14th March 2018

1. Excel is Magic for Data Clean-Up

It doesn’t matter what database software you use to store your information as you can easily import it into Excel to manipulate, clean, de-duplicate and add to it. Then you can export it back in to your standard database.
Three outstanding quick functions include:

  • Text to columns - splits first and last names apart
  • Concatenate - will put last names back together (such as van Buren)
  • Proper - change each word to a capital instead of all lower or upper case.

2. Do You Have an Outlook Reply Signature Created

When you reply to an email, do you personally sign off every time with a salutation?
Or do you have your main (long) signature automatically attach? Why not create an automatic signature for your replies and forwards? I have a simple ‘thank you and best regards” along with my name and phone number. You’ll find Reply Signature setting in Outlook here: File>Options>Advanced>Mail>Signatures

reply signature

3. Free Up Time Using Gmail – Labels

Labels help you sort and categorise emails (like Outlook Folders), but they're hard to read. Solve this problem by color-coding some or all of your labels.
Simply mouse over to the left column and hover over a label you want to color-code. A small downward-pointing arrow appears. Click it to get the menu for label AND text colours. Simply clicking the colour will assign it.

4. Make More Sales by Treating Your Business Referrers Well

Do you have a distinct communication, thank you and reward plan for those business colleagues that refer business your way?
Here’s two easy ideas

  1. Create a recurring reminder/task to prompt you every few months to telephone for a hello and chat.
  2. Always ask a new client how they heard about you / what directed them to you. When it’s a referral – always, always pick up the phone to thank the referee.

5. Where's Debbie

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